Apply to be a Trader

Apply to be a Trader

Following a brilliant first year, Peckham Festival is back, and hoping to pack even more into an event that celebrates creative and cultural Peckham. In 2016 we programmed over 150 events over the weekend; from performances, films, workshops, walks and talks, to art activities, exhibitions and more! We want to do this and more in 2017.

Last year we welcomed over 13,000 visitors onsite to the festival, this year we are expecting over 16,000. If you would like to be a key part of Peckham Festival 2017 please apply here.

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There will be no on-site parking available unless you are trading from your vehicle.

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If trading from a vehicle please provide dimensions of required space in metres (eg. 2x4m).

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By submitting this form you permit Peckham Festival to use your imagery and text on their website/social media channels and brochure as part of the promotion of the festival. Please tick to confirm you agree.

Submission of this application form to trade does not guarantee inclusion in the festival.

  • Applications are considered on the balance of trade, catering, charity, performance shows and attractions and in line with the aims and objectives of the festival. This is to ensure fairness, avoid duplication and create an interesting and varied festival for the public.
  • You will be informed as soon as possible if your application has been successful. Do not send any payments at this time. Some applicants may be put on a reserve list and contacted at a later date.
  • If your application is successful, your pitch is only confirmed upon receipt of full payment of the pitch fee and receipt of any other requested documentation. Any trader who does not meet the payment deadline will have their pitch resold and no refunds given. Charity Pitches There are discounted prices for charities, voluntary groups and organisations listed.

Traders Information continued: Food Traders O​NLY.

The following information relates specifically to Traders who wish to apply to provide food at this year’s event.

Gas and Electric: If your operation requires the use of gas (LPG or other) in the live preparation of food, you are required to provide an up to date Gas Safety Inspection Certificate. If you are using electrical equipment you must have an up-to-date PAT certificate for all appliances. Stalls will be inspected on the day for full gas and electrical safety compliance.

Coal & Wood: If you intend to bring a BBQ operation to the event, you will be expected to take all necessary actions to protect the park ground surrounding the cooking area. There must be no discharging of burning embers directly onto the grass.

Fire Precautions: All materials used for building, decorating, draping or covering stands must be non-flammable or made non-flammable by impregnating with fireproofing solution. All traders must provide sufficient fire blankets and extinguishers for their operation. An inspection before the show will take place. Those traders found not to have the required equipment will not be able to trade until these materials are provided.

Concessions: Concessions are sold separately for alcohol, ice cream and hot drinks. If any of these products are brought on-site for sale by traders other than a concession holder - you will be asked to remove them from site or they will be confiscated by the organisers.

Rubbish and Recycling: We are committed to reducing waste and improving green initiatives at this year’s event. Traders should try to use biodegradable and compostable food packaging and cutlery where possible. Traders will be responsible for collectively helping to keep the area of the food zone litter free. Traders will be required to remove large bulky waste when leaving the site.

Food Safety and Hygiene Certificates: You must send us your food safety certificates for your staff on your stall and also your hygiene certificate. Please ensure they are valid for October 2017.

Thanks 🙂