Jess Blandford

Jess studied painting at Camberwell and printmaking at the Royal College of Art. She is showing abstract paintings and repetitive line drawings exploring ideas about domestic space, intimacy and invisible work.

She says “I’m interested in the ideas we have about idealised domestic space, and the tension between that fantasy and the reality of living messy, chaotic and unpredictable lives, particularly in families. This is coupled with a desire to recognise the undervalued, repetitive and frequently invisible work of taking care of a home and young children. I like to play with repetition, layers, and ‘mistakes’, to create depth and an intimacy in my mostly abstract work. For me what is not seen is often that which is most valuable”.

Jess lives near Peckham and works from her studio in the mansion at Beckenham Place Park, also run by Copeland Park.