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Between 14th and 17th September Peckham Festival hosted over 200 events from music, performances and film screenings; workshops, walks and talks, Open Studios and art exhibitions.

Thank you to everyone who participated, hosted, curated, performed, volunteered, visited and enjoyed themselves...it would not have been Peckham Festival without you.
2 days ago
Next weekend we have out biggest ever @TheVintageKilo in #Unit8 Vintage summer fashion will be everywhere #Peckham https://t.co/ddfhOhuYsN peckhamfestival photo
2 days ago
We are joined by Tolouse Low Trax (live), @JobSifre & Alek Lee on May 25th 2018
RSvp: https://t.co/YNqSxyODnS
TIX: https://t.co/NfFjeryBwr https://t.co/hL8iydhieF
peckhamfestival photo
5 days ago
Today #Peckham is the centre of the cricketing world with current England Internationals @root66 @jbairstow21 @mawood33 @nbcricket in #Unit8 @CopelandParkSE #makeyourmark having a knock at 6.00 join them it’s free! https://t.co/jq7YO7byUP peckhamfestival photo
1 week ago
Last Orders!
We are closing applications for our role as 'Event and Social Media Assistant' tomorrow.
Read more here https://t.co/r2ou6cDcZr
Apply with your CV to info @copelandpark.com https://t.co/2h5CNg0Xf2
peckhamfestival photo
2 weeks ago
LAST CHANCE! . @peckhamfestival is hiring a talented multi-tasker VOLUNTEER MANAGER with experience of recruiting and working with volunteers. If you are based in or around SE15 and have excellent people and spreadsheet skills Apply here: https://t.co/IKmqM9ZwWZ https://t.co/0AciMZMepA peckhamfestival photo
2 weeks ago
Congratulations @PeckhamCraftWE on a fantastic opening night.
Get yourselves down to @copelandparkse this weekend to see some of the finest local artisanal work. There are workshops too! Click on their bio for more info https://t.co/2vQKo79wat
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Peckham Festival

Peckham Festival: 14-17th September 2017This four-day festival endeavours to reach out to and reflect residents of all demographics while showcasing Peckham as a hub of cultural and artistic importance. With over 200 events – including live music performances, film screenings, workshops, walks and talks, Open Studios, and art exhibitions – taking place over a single weekend. Peckham Festival collaborates with local organisations and individuals to deliver its wide-ranging initiatives. Peckham Festival is 100% non profit and free to attend!Peckham Festival is generously sponsored and supported by Copeland Park & the Bussey Building, Southwark Council, Acorn, Peckhamplex and Cultureshock - with 100% of all proceeds fed directly into the running of the festival.Our 2017 media partner is The Peckham Peculiar.Find out more: www.peckhamfestival.org | @peckhamfestival | oi@peckhamfestival.org
Peckham Festival
Peckham Festival1 day ago
Day 6 of ★ Meet the 2018 Peckham Festival committee ★
Meet…Jordana Leighton
One of the founders of, and currently Co-Director of Peckham Festival.
Jordana is also the creator of Organokee and the founding member and manager of The Pop-Up Choir
In her second year as festival director, Jordana is the one pulling all of elements together...from forming the festival committee, Creating the core team, chasing sponsorship and funding, reaching out to community groups, businesses, artists and makers, liaising with the council, overseeing the programming and ensuring the festival is the best it can possibly be.
Her Peckham Gem? “Steamer: The Chinese street-food kiosk between Peckham Rye Station and Rye Lane. Working on the festival means erratic hours and a lot of missed meals, so being able to pick up fast, hot, tasty food on the go is a must!”
@mrspbtt @Organoke @Thepopupchoir
#PeckhamFestival #PF18 #PeckhamFestival18 #PeckhamFestival2018 #Peckham #SE15 #London #proudlypeckham #PeopleMakePeckham #southlondon #festival #free #community #discoverpeckham #creativeindustries #communityculture #southwarkpresents #southwarkpioneers #getinvolved #mrspbtt #organoke #thepopupchoir
Peckham Festival
Peckham Festival3 days ago
Day 5 of… ★ Meet the 2018 Peckham Festival committee ★
If it’s people that make Peckham, we have asked some of SE15’s cultural icons to join our committee to help us shape the 2018 festival and we cannot wait to see what exciting, innovative and fresh new groups and individuals they bring with them in September.
Meet...Ian Graham
A Northern Soul/South East dweller since 2001, he is the Co-Director of Peckham Festival, theVice of Chair Kado Projects and Events Manager (General Dogsbody!) at Copeland Park.
He’s going to bring more of the same magic of 2017 to the festival, but bigger!
He has worked with some of the best creatives in the country (who just happen to be connected to Peckham) in BBZ, BORN N BREAD, Gal Dem, (Rhythm Sections) Bradley Zero and Ivan Blackstock’s CRXSS PLATFXRM team - I want to find the next big collective!
His Peckham Gem is Sexby Garden - Peckham Rye Park.
@galdemzine @bbz_london @ivanblackstock @crxssplatfxrm @bradley_zero @rhythmsectionhq
#PeckhamFestival #PF18 #PeckhamFestival18 #PeckhamFestival2018 #Peckham #SE15 #London #proudlypeckham #PeopleMakePeckham #southlondon #festival #free #community #discoverpeckham #creativeindustries #communityculture #southwarkpresents #southwarkpioneers #getinvolved #peckhamfestivalfringe #copelandpark #busseybuilding #eventsmanager #iangraham #galdem #bbz #bradleyzero #rhythmsection #ivanblackstock #crxssplatfxrm
Peckham Festival
Peckham Festival4 days ago
This weekend in Peckham...
Super excited to see @peckham24photo return: A 24 hour festival of contemporary photography during Photo London week. Co-curated by @joeddennis and @seenfifteen
Head to Copeland Gallery to see...
X: A new performance by Uruguayan artist Lalu Delbracio during Peckham 24.
In her practice, Lalu explores the physical, emotional and instinctual as valid routes to cut through major narratives and towards the creation of a new space for personal identity. It results in image mash-ups and site-specific paper installations that she physically tears apart in live actions, creating a space that allows for something new to emerge.
For X, Lalu Delbracio collaborates for the first time with dancer Typhaine Delaup to create an immersive paper installation that transforms and evolves throughout its duration.
This new performance develops Lalu’s ongoing interest in the possibility of reshaping histories and identities both in a personal and collective way. X could be the intersection of two worlds or the marking of a spot suggesting something will happen there.
Throughout the exhibition the performers invite the public to meet at this spot at given times:
Friday 18th at 9.30 pm
Saturday 19th at 1, 3 and 5 pm
Sunday 20th at 1, 3 and 5 pm
Head to their webpage for more info...
Peckham Festival
Peckham Festival4 days ago
Day 4 of ★ Meet the 2018 Peckham Festival committee ★
If it’s people that make Peckham, we have asked some of SE15’s cultural icons to join our committee to help us shape the 2018 festival and we cannot wait to see what exciting, innovative and fresh new groups and individuals they bring with them in September.
Meet…Nick Vergara
A local DJ/producer with a monthly radio show that focuses on the link between emerging scenes in Africa and South America with European electronic music. Nick has a background of working in community-led development and have experienced first-hand the benefits that local participation and access to culture can bring to an area.
Through celebrating the culture, heritage and everything that’s good about the area, Nick aims to help local residents feel a sense pride about Peckham's identity.
His Peckham Gem? “Balamii Radio - they programme great Djs and artists throughout the day.”
@vergararama @balamii
#PeckhamFestival #PF18 #PeckhamFestival18 #PeckhamFestival2018 #Peckham #SE15 #London #proudlypeckham #PeopleMakePeckham
Peckham Festival
Peckham Festival5 days ago
Tonight in Copeland Park & Bussey Building Unit 8, current England internationals will be having a knock with all Peckhamites as part of their new kit launch from 6.00PM - come down and meet them!
Peckham Festival
Celebrating creative & cultural Peckham. Returning 14-16 September 2018. Now a Community Interest Co & still 100% not for profit! #PeopleMakePeckham https://linktr.ee/peckhamfestival
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