Peckham Festival is back for its 3rd year, and hoping to pack even more into an event that celebrates creative and cultural Peckham.

In 2017 the festival attracted well over 15,000 people to 183 events across 65 venues; involving 38 restaurants or bars, 9 galleries, 171 individual artists, 12 creative businesses across 12 artist studio complexes, and showcased 17 local musical acts and 15 non-profit community groups – all ably assisted by 68 volunteers made up of local members of the community and beyond. We want to do this and more in 2018!

Peckham Festival is proud to have become a Community Interest Company (CIC) and we continue to be free to the public and 100% not for profit.

We are looking for Volunteers to assist on the delivery of the upcoming festival from now until the festival completion. The set-up and take-down of the festival takes place between the 11th and 18th of September and we remain open and accommodating to everyone’s time commitments and schedules. The festival itself runs from Friday 14th – Sunday 16th September in Peckham, SE15.

Running a festival on such a scale requires a dedicated team of volunteers who will support the Festival Team in a variety of practical and operational ways from start to finish. Without our volunteers we could not run this event and our volunteers are the lifeline of the Peckham Festival.

There are a variety of ways in which you can get involved in the running of the Festival – from stewarding to photography. Below is a summary of the types of areas we would like our Festival Volunteers to get involved with. You can get involved with one or many of them. Take your pick!

  • Helping us build our social media presence in the local community and to encourage participation and engagement.
  • Following, liking, sharing and engaging with our content on the following platforms:

Contributing relevant, topical and locally focused, experience-led content to the Peckham Festival Blog both during and in the lead up to the festival.

Undertaken under the guidance of the Festival Director / Volunteer Coordinator, this is a great way to exercise and develop your writing skills and communicate the exciting projects of Peckham’s local community to a wider audience! Volunteers have creative freedom and will steer their own projects.

If you are a avid blogger / self publisher, source community focused stories for your own blog/contribute to Peckham Festival blog by featuring/commenting/covering Peckham Festival events, people in our community / local projects etc.

Providing hands-on support to the delivery of the diverse Festival events which include musical performances, artists open studios and a Sunday carnival. Encompassing a variety of tasks including stage building, sign-painting, picking up / delivering equipment, tech support, security support, distributing brochures, stewarding, crowd controlling etc.

Supporting community engagement at the Festival is a directly public and participant facing role, acting as an ambassador of the Festival. Towards ensuring that Peckham Festival continues to be an inclusive, accommodating and open environment for everyone in the community for years to come – tasks include engaging in dialogue with participants / audiences, conducting short surveys / interviews with participants via a very informal questionnaire.

Supporting the documentation of the festival via. moving image, to be used to social media and for future promotional purposes. Volunteers must supply their own equipment. Volunteers have the right to their footage and any footage donated to the festival for our future promotional and use will be fully credited.

Supporting the documentation of the festival via. still photography. Suitable for both budding photographers or those interested in learning more about event photography, this is a great way to get your work out there! Images will be shared throughout the festival via social media and our Flickr account, communicating the fantastic events that went on and will feature in future promotional material. All contributing photographer’s images will be credited.

Working with a very diverse group of people of all ages including Festival staff, volunteers, participating artists, performers, community groups, local business, charities and organisations. This role will be carried out within high traffic environments and may require multi-tasking. We want to support you to do it well and to learn from the experience, and also to enjoy your time with Peckham Festival. We encourage you to communicate with your supervisor about your experience and to reflect.

Experience of working in coordination with a large team

Detailed knowledge of running a festival

Be part of creating a multidisciplinary event in celebration of Peckham and it’s diverse community

Meet like minded new people along the way