BLINK is an artists’ platform set up in 2021 by graduates of Turps Art School, Min Angel, Lucy Soni and Dido Hallett, to continue the supportive and generous ethos of Turps, building a community by providing opportunities for artists to get their work out of the studio into exhibition spaces.

Launching in July 2021 with The Gathering Part I, a group show at AMP in Peckham, BLINK’S next shows, Room Share 1 and 2 at Safehouse 1, took a different format in the 5 room derelict Victorian house. BLINK founders invited two guest artists to join them, the 5 artists each took a room and independently curated a show. With no curating restrictions other than the room, guest artists could invite as many or as few artists as they liked, resulting in an eclectic mix of emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Please join them this Festival @blinkandyouwillmissitart