Holly Berry

“Holly Berry runs a thoughtful hand-weaving workshop from the bottom of her beautiful garden in South-East London. Creating intuitive and contemporary woven textiles in the form of scarves, blankets and other accessories for the home and body. Her slowly made woven works make warm, comforting and long-lasting companions.

The act of hand-weaving is a meditative time for processing and connection, hands automatically finding rhythm and balance in an ancient and methodical craft. Weaving is a form of expression and reflection for Holly, who creates patterns and harmonies that tell stories, make connections and find balance. Many of her weaving patterns translate Morse code into the cloth structure, communicating messages of love, comfort and connection.

Sustainable design and high quality are essential to Holly. Small-scale production means less waste and more connection with what we make and consume. This is where Holly intuitively finds balance as a hand-weaver and designer-maker.”