The Pattern Guild

The Pattern Guild is a Peckham-based design studio founded in 2013 by Amber James and Fergus McDonnell as a collaborative project to explore pattern and textiles.

Both founding members came from a Graphic Design background that then evolved into a passion for surface designs, in particular fabric screen-printing.

Through experimentation with processes and materials they have evolved into a successful design studio.
They combine bold geometric patterns with expertly designed products, made in London by a small team of highly skilled makers.

Their patterns are applied to a wide variety of surfaces including clothing, accessories, screen printed artwork, embroidery and even bottles of Gosnells Mead.

By using the best materials, sourced ethically and sustainably, and method of form follows function, they create designs and products that are perfectly suited to their purpose.

A lot of research and development goes into their range of products, so that they perform well and last a long time.”