Simon Lawson

Simon Lawson is an artist printmaker and proprietor of a printmaking studio specialising in etching, based in the characterful Kennedy’s Sausage Factory where he collaborates with artists alongside producing his own etchings.

Lawson’s work has covered many subjects, using a vast array of intaglio techniques from direct drypoint observational drawings to sophisticated multiplate colour separated etchings using photographic processes. Often process led, but always observational, his work has intrinsically been rooted in our relationship with the immediate environment, both urban and rural.

The most recent work, the Amelioration Series focuses on the impact of people in their quest to make an improved society and the conflict between urban development and its ever-increasing effect on the environment. These juxtapositions are highlighted in the edgelands, the perimeter of the urban crawl, as urban meets rural, whether cultivated or wild, where the conflict is often at its most heightened.