Open Studios: Meet Poulsom Middlehurst

Poulsom Middlehurst is a creative design studio based founded by architects Amy Poulsom and Jane Middlehurst.

Where is your studio? How long have you had your studio and how does working alongside other artists help you?
Our studio is in Artistic Spaces, Latona Road. We’ve been here since Aug 2014 and in that time have shared the space with other architects, a photographer and a sonic consultancy!

Tell us about your practice: How did you get into it and what do you love about it? What’s the most difficult part of the process?
We met while studying and decided to set up our own practice together. We love being architects and especially working locally. It’s great to make someone’s aspirations come to life.

The most difficult part of the process is probably on site at the end of the project when the time and budget pressures are at their greatest but seeing the finished spaces makes it all worthwhile.

How do you feel about being part of the first Peckham-wide open studios as part of Peckham Festival? What is the best part about being part of a wider open studio event with so many other creatives?
It’s great to see the diversity of people’s practice and what they are making.  On our floor we have a company making tonic water next door, a picture framer and an artist who makes giant animals out of polystyrene – it means making a cup of tea in the kitchen is always interesting!

Where can people find your work online and get in touch?
You can find us at

Tell us a secret
Er, we are actually pretty rubbish at keeping secrets of any kind!


Visit Poulsom Middlehurst at Artistic Spaces (3-5 Latona Road SE15 6RY) between the 9-11th September. If you have grand designs for your homes, why not taken them along for a consultation?