Where is Peckham going? Peckham Vision’s workshop, walk and talk

In 2006, Peckham Vision grew out of the community campaign to resist the Council plan to demolish the Copeland Park and Bussey Building and a lot more besides for a tram depot.

10 years later, the area in Copeland Park and across the nearby sites around the station have become a hub for the town centre’s cultural life, but the town is still going through a lot of changes.

Come to Peckham Vision’s workshop to share your thoughts about the direction Peckham is going in.

We will explore with Eileen Conn the positive and negative aspects, and if and how local people can have any say in what happens.

This event will take place on Sunday 11th September 4.30pm to 5.45pm in Copeland Gallery – book for the workshop here.

For more insights on local issues, visit the Peckham Vision exhibition in the Copeland Gallery throughout the Festival. If you took part in making the community model, or missed it last time round, this is your chance to see it and show your friends. You will also be able to see the new poster displays reminding us of the community part of the story behind the changes.

Eileen will also be leading the Peckham Vision walk around the sites and buildings featuring in this story on Saturday at 2.30pm. If you are keen to do the tour, but it is fully booked, leave your details for the waiting list or email [email protected]. If you don’t make it this weekend, we will let you know when we do another tour.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Words by Peckham Vision