Sneak Peak: How Mark Pearson is Reflecting Peckham

Mark Pearson’s vibrant paintings feature life in London, with a particular focus on Peckham. His work, created with oil, acrylic, pen & ink to capture the atmosphere of the city, was the first to go up on the walls as we started hanging for our Reflecting Peckham Exhibition in Copeland Gallery.

Once you’ve admired exhibition, you can join him to see how it’s done: In Sunday’s painting workshop, Mark will teach you how to start a painting by using the Reclaimed Rye as an example.

This lesson will be an exercise in starting a piece of work: You will find out what to select to paint and which difficulties there are to overcome for both novices and experienced artists. You will look at the problem of size relationships, perspective, and then learn about putting figures in a landscape.

Lead by example on a large scale so the students can observe the selection procedure; Mark will explain what he is doing and why at each stage of the picture making process.

First you will use pencil to draw, secondly add blocks of tone to the picture using grey, white or black paint.The workshop will take place outside the gallery; it will be suitable for approx 20 people to take part. The materials will be a board, A3 paper, pencil, white paint, black paint and a paintbrush.

A big Thank You to Cowling and Wilcox for supporting Peckham Festival by supplying the material for this workshop.