Get to know your local community by volunteering

We hope you all enjoyed Volunteers Week last week!

We wanted to take the opportunity to say another massive thank you to everyone who volunteered at Peckham Festival 2016, and to everyone who has already applied to help at the Festival this year. Peckham Festival aims to celebrate it’s local community, and having such lovely members of this community getting involved to help the festival run is really special. Not only is it vital for the running of the festival but its also great fun to be a volunteer. Its an amazing chance to meet new friends and neighbours, get stuck in with local events, discover new venues and talented people, learn new things, and of course enjoy a really fun festival!

But don’t take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from our wonderful shining Peckham Festival 2016 volunteers:

Shannon Reed – 2016 Volunteer Coordinator
“It was such a wonderful welcome back to the working world having been home with children for so long. I got to work with wonderfully creative, proactive and supportive professionals on an exciting local community event. I got to brush up on my IT skills, interact / network with different organisations (I was offered three different jobs over the weekend!) and be a part of something diverse and exciting. Working at the hub that is the Copeland Park Bussey Building was no bad thing either! Above all of the practical benefits though was the experience of working with volunteers. Such a wide range of people so keen to make something happen made for an inspiring atmosphere.” 

Sophie Fairfield
“I was really excited to be a part of the first ever Peckham Festival in 2016. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to play a more active role in my community and I enjoyed meeting both other volunteers and members of the public over the course of the weekend. I’d thoroughly recommend the experience to anyone.”

Briony Bowe
“I had a great time volunteering at the first festival last year. I love Peckham, and it was great to meet so many local people enjoying the festival, as well as getting involved behind the scenes. It was a great group of volunteers, and I’m still in touch with quite a few of them now.”

If you feel inspired to jump on board then you still have time! Register your interest here or e-mail Sarah at