Open Studios: Why Apply!

Peckham Festival is a hyper-local event celebrating creative & cultural Peckham. Due to popular demand and the fact that we want all of you creatives involved, we have made the decision to extend the application deadline to take part in Peckham Festival’s Open Studios 2017! Just to make double triple quadruple we get all of you, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about why should apply!

So here goes:

Why take part?

It’s a chance to showcase what you do as part of the wider Peckham community as a collective event. Share, support and celebrate what is created in Peckham.

  • Meet a new audience brought in by other creators & make new contacts
  • Sell your work direct to the public
  • Meet new people with the potential to one day collaborate

The cost

  • £35 – for single artists
  • £150 – For a 1/2 page for artists &/ or galleries
  • £300 – For a full page for artists &/ or galleries

Peckham Festival is proud to be 100% non profit with the single aim to celebrate and promote Peckham as a hub of cultural importance.

100% of the fee pays for:

  • Personalised listing in the brochure (10k print run)
  • Personalised listing on
  • Personalised post on all social media channels
  • Opportunity to feature in press releases and articles
  • Posters / Banners to signpost people to your studio
  • Press pack to help you promote your own event
  • Feature in official photography and film of the festival

2016 statistics

Last year was the first year of Peckham Festival and it was created in 5 months and even through that it was a roaring success with:

  • 13,000 visitors
  • 5 Open Studio ‘hubs’
  • 200+ activities
  • 284+ Creative participants
  • 84 local businesses
  • 6 galleries
  • 72 volunteers
  • 106,394 Facebook Impressions
  • 200+ pieces of press and media from local & national press, listings, blogs and broadcast media
  • 67,000 website views
  • & much much more

But don’t take it from us

James Pegg from Blenheim Arches shares his thoughts on his 2016 Open Studio Experience…

Give us a highlight from the weekend
Just genuine people who were interested and bought things. Good age group for my market 25-45.

Can you Give us an approximate number of total visitors to your studio over the weekend
300? Maybe more?!

We asked Eleanor Wemyss what her favourite thing about being a part of the Open Studios last year was…

Meeting people! I was so impressed with the amount of people who actually wanted to talk to me about my work in a really engaging way. It gave people a chance to see what goes on inside Bussey. There were also people who were completely unaware of us and they were so responsive to the work in the studio and everything else going on.

I have made connections with some great people and it particularly helped having a beer to offer to get them to stick around a bit longer for a chat !

If you have any questions then email Jordana at: [email protected].

And you can click here to apply