My Peckham – A documentary shorts competition for 18-25’s

Peckham Festival and DOC:Supper invites filmmakers aged between 18-25 years old to shoot, edit and submit five-minute documentary shorts that address the question:

Why do we love Peckham and what is the future of our home?

The Sunday Times recently heralded Peckham as the most desirable location in the capital on account of its “artsy, gritty and lovely“ atmosphere.

From its burgeoning grime scene to the thriving Women’s Institute, we are looking for documentary entries that take inspiration from Peckham’s vibrancy and its inhabitants’ broad-minded outlook.

Winning entries and runners up will be premiered at Peckhamplex during the Peckham Festival.

Young people own the future of SE15 – that’s why Peckham Festival is amplifying their voices.

This competition is open to anyone aged between 18-25. You do not need any fancy film equipment – an i-movie is just as good as using professional kit – we are looking for exceptional stories.

  • Your film should be a maximum of 5 minutes long
  • Your film should be suitable for 12 years plus
  • Your film should not feature any gratuitous acts of violence

Deadline 14th Aug 2017