Open Studios | Meet the Makers: ACME Galleria

The Galleria is a pioneering mixed-use scheme between Acme and Barratt Homes, incorporating homes and new-build artists’ studios. Over the last 10 years, Acme has created 272 new artists’ studios working with a wide-range of partners including Genesis Housing Association, Telford Homes, Spiritbond/Watkin Jones, Swan Housing, Catalyst Housing, University of the Arts London, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation and the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation.

Suzanne Baker

Suzanne Baker‘s work focuses on making images of urban life, mainly drawing and paintings of the ever buzzing Brixton Market. Her work experiments with colour light and space, trying capturing an abstract imagining of life in the market.

Barbara Mullarney

Painter Barbara Mullarney takes inspiration from London cityscapes with graffiti walls, light and texture and lived in spaces with horizons of commerce and temples to finance in the mix are part of the excitement of converting the thrill of vision to paint on canvas.

Julian Sharple

Julian Sharple‘s paintings explore how incongruous compositional elements may be united through the persuasive effects of metaphor and other visual tropes.

Rosa Nguyen

Rosa Nguyen works across art, craft and design creating unique objects and vessels which explore the inter-connectivity between organic and natural elements. During the Peckham festival she is transforming her studio in one of her signature landscape installations which will include recent and archive ceramic, glass and botanical sculptures, vessels and hand printed wall paper.

Ilga Leimanis

Ilga Leimanis is a Peckham-based visual artist, with an interest in collaboration: she is one-half of the drawing duo Ortelius Drew, as well as working with architect Bidisha Sinha as Architecture of Conversation, and she is a member of the artist-run gallery Five Years. Ilga teaches drawing and research-based process short courses at Central Saint Martins and also runs various drawing workshops at architecture offices and at University of the Arts London. In addition to teaching drawing, Ilga is a published writer, researcher and founder of Drawn in London, a monthly London location drawing group.

Peckham Festival Opening hours

Fri 15th Sep 18:00-21:00 (private view)
Sat 16th Sep 11:00-17:00
Sun 17th Sep 11:00-17:00

The Galleria
Pennack Road
SE15 6PW