Open Studios: Soul’D

10th September 2016 Mixed media, Open Studios

What is your name?
My artist name is Soul’D

Where is your studio?
I work mainly in my home studio, which can get a little crazy. It’s small but I love it and I love the area. Peckham has a great vibe. I feel the creative buzz here and that inspires me.

Tell us about your practice: How did you get into it and what do you love about it? What’s the most difficult part of the process?
I’m mostly a stencil graffiti artist. I’ve been doing this since 2000 and have exhibited along-side Pure Evil, Eelus, Dave the Chimp, The Krah, Hutch, Snub, Ben Slow, Dan Kitchener, Grafter to name but a few. I’ve always been into art but stencil graffiti is my passion. This new range is quite different from my norm. It’s more typographical and I’ve been playing with screen printing, thanks to the Sonsole Print Studios. I love the vibrant colours and the different unique nuances that each print brings up through the process of individually hand printing each piece – so every piece is unique just like my stencil work.

How do you feel about being part of the first Peckham-wide open studios as part of Peckham Festival? What is the best part about being part of a wider open studio event with so many other creatives?
It’s great to be part of Peckham-wide open studios. Peckham has such an amazing vibe and we are all proud to be here. By bringing the creatives and retailers together for the Peckham Festival, we unite the community and bring in a lot of love at the same time.

My series of typographical and photographic screen prints shout out: We are HERE. We are IN PECKHAM. Uniting everyone of all cultures and backgrounds; from the hairdressers lining the high street, the fruit stalls nestled under the arches to the independent coffee shops and bars that are springing up all over SE5 and 15. We love everything about Peckham.

Where can people find your work online and get in touch?

Tell us a secret
The second day into printing I ripped one of the biggest screens – Not good. But they say it’s the fastest way to learn…​​​​​


, Super Unison Studios
These series of screen prints shout out: We are HERE. We are IN PECKHAM.
From past Festival