NSF CRXSS FLATFXRM Takeover in Copeland Gallery

8th September 2017 Community, Performance

On Sunday 17 September NSF CRXSS PLATFXRM will take over Copeland Gallery at Peckham Festival.

Free to attend, the one-day event will feature DJs, live performances, film screenings and talks, offering a taste of what UK street culture has to offer. The event will highlight under the radar and established artists who are exploring new directions in street culture. It will encourage the development of new opportunities and connections between creative professionals and local communities.


NSF CRXSS PLATFXRM is a cross art form showcase that celebrates the latest evolutions of UK street culture.
From past Festival

Raised in Peckham, Ivan Blackstock is an artist and choreographer, and curator of CRXSS PLATFXRM. He has created work for The Young Vic, NOWNESS, Dizzee Rascal and Adidas, originally co-founding BirdGang Dance Company and most recently making new dance work under his artistic alter ego SWNSNG.

Ivan gave Peckham Festival a little bit of insight into the upcoming event:
I conceived the idea for CRXSS PLATFXRM in 2015 as I felt inspired to find a way to showcase exciting underground talent – I know of so many really innovative artists from street culture but their work is so often shared within the street culture community only, or at underground events organised by an Instagram message the day before to a select few in the know. I am around a lot of hidden genius within London’s street culture scene, and I was inspired to create a platform to be seen and expose them to new audiences. To let them inspire people as much as they inspire me… particularly the way they are dissolving the boundaries between different forms and experimenting with technology. I have been marked as a dance artist but I have interest in making music, exploring fashion as an artistic expression and making work within virtual reality but the bigger venues and festivals aren’t really able to understand or support artists morphing and changing. The future of street culture needs a multi-disciplinary platform that encourages artists to cross-pollinate and collaborate, and doesn’t divide them into categories too much.

With all these thoughts in mind, I had a conversation with Central Saint Martin’s, who I was collaborating with at the time, and I developed a series of events in summer 2016 under the CRXSS PLATFXRM banner on the CSM site in Kings Cross. We focused on emerging and mid career artists and exposing a sample of this multi-displinary scene that is often hidden from view. Street culture by it’s nature takes a DIY approach and operates outside mainstream arts venues and institutions, so I am interested in uncovering and sharing the artists already thriving outside these walls. The gate keepers of high profile venues and funders and financial backers can be unaware of this talent. Idea is to build a bridge between as both areas need each other.

We have decided to launch the festival next summer in Peckham, where I was raised and where the local artistic culture is really supportive and innovative. Peckham is a special place to be an artist right now so it was a natural home for the vision I had in my head. I want to create a platform where artists don’t have to give up their voice to find an audience or get a commission. I have faced that myself before and still struggle to make my own work on my own terms sometimes. I am excited to create a space where artists can feel empowered and make new connections. I hope the festival will develop a series of unique collaborations and help artists make connections that help them make and present their own work.

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