Meet The Artist: Chisara Agor

Chisara Agor is a local girl who grew up on the North Peckham estate, now divides her time between London and the sunnier climes of Madrid. The singer-songwriter is self taught at the guitar and ukulele, with her influences ranging from jazz to folk, soul to indie-pop, Billie Holiday to Fela Kuti. We caught up with one Peckham’s rising stars ahead of her performance at Copeland Park Live.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your music?
I love the arts and have done probably all my life, music is very important to me as is writing, dancing and performing in general. I write and sing songs and recently co-wrote a play for Talawa theatre’s young company. I love the way my passions interact and my main goal is for my music to be honest and interesting and true to the feelings, people or places I talk about.

How did you discover you had a passion for music?
I started playing the flute in primary school, then in the samba band, steel band and sang in the school choir. I went on to join Theatre Peckham and fell in love with musical theatre, going on to write a short musical piece for my A-levels in college. Singer-songwriting was another way for me to find new ways to express myself and combine my passions.

Who inspires your music?
I think my music is inspired by stories, stories in the news, in books, stories I invent, that people tell me or stories of my own. When I first picked up the guitar I never inspired to be like anyone else, I was doing it because I wanted to try something new. Since then I see the artists I admire reflected in the melodies, words or rhythms I choose, too many to list!

What’s your favourite hangout in Peckham?
It’s hard to choose just one! Pempeople because of all the amazing stuff that goes down for the community there, Prince of Peckham because they have jerk Halloumi and everyone is welcome. Finally Persopollis because you will never leave disappointed or out of pocket.

You’re pretty hot on the Spanish music scene, how did that come about?
It actually all happened during my year abroad in Madrid for my BA. My erasmus studying philosophy turned into recording an EP and having an interview on national radio. I met some amazing supportive people who are now like family and they encouraged me to try something new. Thinking about what I had achieved in a year is still mind boggling.

Do you have anything you’re working on right now?
My upcoming EP High Rise Living will be out in December! I recorded it in San Sebastian, Spain and a lot of hard work has gone into it. I’m very excited to share it with the world. Also this winter you can catch me in the upcoming Christmas production at Theatre Peckham.

Chisara Agor will be performing on stage at Live at Copeland Park on Sunday 17th at 6pm!