Shaping Peckham

15th September 2017 Community, Exhibition, Meet the Makers

The idea behind Shaping Peckham began at last year’s Peckham Festival, when fellow artists Katrina Russell-Adams and Ben Johansen at Peckham Festival 2016. They were inspired to work collaboratively the following year on a slightly bigger project. Katrina is a local with a long family history in Peckham and makes striking abstract art full of shapes and colours. Ben is from Australia but has been in the area for 2 years; carving out a successful career with his beautiful, kaleidoscopic paintings.

They will be running an free, interactive workshop across Saturday and Sunday in the Copeland Gallery, They aim to create a montage of Peckham using ready-cut brightly coloured wooden shapes, many of which are instantly recognisable as Peckham landmarks. They are inviting the public (children included!) to come along and add to the scene with their own colourful shapes. All the materials they will be using have either been locally sourced or salvaged – the wood has been donated from local company Whitten Timber and the paint by Colour Makes People Happy. Some of the paint was even picked up from the Refuse and Recycling Centre off the Old Kent Road!

Over the course of the weekend Katrina and Ben will continue to add to the montage and will be documenting the entire process through time-lapse video. People will be free to come and pick up their shapes as a souvenir before it’s dismantled, as well as artist made shapes available to buy. An entirely self-funded project, Katrina and Ben are two passionate, exciting artists that promise to be bringing something unique and eco-friendly to this year’s festival!

They will both also be exhibiting their own work at the festival at the Open Studios, across the weekend from Friday to Sunday, so keep an eye out.

Words by Lydia Searle

Shaping Peckham

A drop-in workshop with abstract shapes and a lot of colours!
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