Blenheim Arches gets slimey!

Beneath Peckham Rye Station in a hidden courtyard, you will discover artisan and artists workshops, that have been busy making things in Peckham since 1990, and is home to artists, cabinet makers, ceramics, sculpture and a forge.

Join the on the Open Studios | Meet the Makers trail and pop these amazing events in your diary…

Raku lucky dip.
Visitors to the open studio can enter into the lucky dip and have the excitement of picking a ceramic piece at random that has been prepared using a special raku firing technique and is still covered in ashes. Once you have chosen your piece, you clean the ashes off to reveal the beautiful surface of your chosen raku pot.
Slime making workshop with clay – £10
The slime craze has been sweeping teenagers and children across the country. (I have been running a number of slime events for my day job that have been very popular). People can book a place to make slime with an expert. We will provide ingredients and recipes so people can make their best ever slime. There are two workshop slots on Eventbrite so people can book in advance:
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