P E O P L E M A K E P E C K H A M  – Alex

We say it once, we say it a hundred times…
Volunteers are glue of Peckham Festival without whom none of this would be possible.

Meet Alexandra Lens who has joined as a volunteer and is helping us with digital marketing.

It is thanks to this wonderful woman that we have a facebook event for each and every activity and event happening over the course of the festival weekend.


Alexandra works for Chocolate Films and they have a fantastic project called 1000 Londoners.
This fantastic project releases a new film every Thursday and seeks to represent every borough, age, culture and profession.
We were especially delighted to see it features Christopher: the wonderful customer service Assistant at Denmark Hill Station. What a lovely man he is with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the South London timetables. https://www.1000londoners.com/londoners/christopher-cayton/

Some of our volunteers’ experiences have led to life-changing opportunities which not only makes us extremely proud, but excited for what new opportunities we can bring to the community in the future.

Sign up as a volunteer and meet some fantastic people and gain some life-changing skills! http://bit.ly/PF18VolApp or email [email protected] #peoplemakepeckham