Peckham Festival 2020 update

As like many other festivals of this summer, it is with a heavy heart that Peckham Festival will not be returning this September. We have been keeping quiet, watching and waiting for the chance to be able to announce a smaller, covid-safe version of our weekend. However, the beauty of Peckham Festival is the bringing together of the community and the shared human interactions experienced through art, performances, workshops and exhibitions. Producing this same experience under these uncertain times is too challenging for our tiny team.

This break in the festival has given us time to reflect on what we have achieved over the previous 4 years, and how we would like to move forward. The ambition for the festival has always been to be community-led, and the passion shown by all those that have volunteered is testament to that. What has become clear is that to keep growing, developing and sustaining, a larger core group of lead participants is needed.

This is our next step before Peckham Festival 2021. We are looking for leaders, directors, ambassadors to form a larger collective for the festival to fill specific senior roles. Over the coming months, we will be on the lookout for these individuals. Could this be for you? Drop us a line if you are interested.

Stay safe, and we’ll have the deckchairs waiting for you in 2021.