People make Peckham, and no more so than the artists, makers and creators of SE15.

Get to know them all though our dedicated Peckham Creative directory.


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3rd Rail Print Space

Screen Print or heat transfer designs onto your own T-shirt

Aira Therapy

AIRA Therapy, founded by local clinical aromatherapist Emily Muffett, is an artisanal aromatherapy studio.
From past Festival

Alexandra Baraitser

Design Of Our Time' solo exhibition. Baraitser studied at Chelsea College of Art. Her paintings are a celebration of contemporary…

Ali Mousawi

Mousawi is a London based visual artist, sculptor, painter and digital designer , who has had many solo exhibitions, as…

Alison Neighbour

Alison is a scenographer working in theatre, installation, and site specific environments.
From past Festival

Amber Elise

Amber Elise is an artist, illustrator and print maker. Creating bright, bold and colourful designs, she brings these to life…
From past Festival

Amy Binns

Amy Binns is a filmmaker and painter who creates surreal, bold and satirical artworks.

Amy-Rose Holland

Amy-Rose is a queer artist/illustrator/mover and shaker from SE London. Their work is always diverse in medium, full of hidden…

Anatomie Studio

In shibari the model is the canvas, the rope is the paint and brush, and the rigger is the rope…
From past Festival

Andrew Cadey

Andrew Cadey’s architectural illustrations explore the historic variety and detail of the buildings that surround us.

Angela Johnson

Contemporary British painter focussing on her experience of the female human condition.
From past Festival

Angela Ogunfojuri

Angela is a portrait and beauty photographer who seeks to explore intimacy, the human body and mind. What is seen…

Atelier OC / Isabelle O’Carroll

Popular internet memes, reproduced in the Delft style.
From past Festival


Every AURA QUE design is designed in Peckham.
From past Festival

Barbara Mullarney

London city scapes with graffiti walls, light and texture and lived in spaces with horizons of commerce and temples to…
From past Festival

Benjamin Johansen

Benjamin Johansen's artwork blurs the boundary between pointillism and abstract.
From past Festival

Beth Hague

Beth Hague was discovered in a basket on the banks of the River Cam.
From past Festival

Bettina Johns

Bettina John is a set and costume designer as well as an installation and performance artists.
From past Festival

Bine Roth Jewellery

Bine Roth’s jewellery works with human’s perception.
From past Festival

Bisi Akinola-Arutoghor

An art creator writing poetry about the world around her.
From past Festival

Bisila Noha

Strongly influenced by Japanese ceramics and Sumi-e painting, Bisila makes ‘simple’ ceramic pieces she uses as a canvas for abstract…
From past Festival

Blenheim Forge

Blenheim Forge produce hand forged kitchen knives from their workshop in Peckham.
From past Festival


Artists’ platform BLINK presents Room Share 3. A diverse group show of over 35 contemporary artists selected by 5 artists…

Blue Tuohy

Blue Tuohy has a Diploma in Art & Design from the University for the Creative Arts and a Bachelor of…

Bob Stone

My work conveys the underlying importance of drawing.
From past Festival


Boyarde is a Pop Artist specialising in painting unusual canvases, from handbags to bums to shoes.
From past Festival

Brian Bushell

Still Breathing: An exhibition of paintings by Brian Bushell.

Brilliant Neon & Little Bird Gin

Fab affordable neon with Little Bird Gin cocktail bar.
From past Festival

Bryony Rumble

Bryony works widely as a props and costume props maker, props supervisor and puppet fabricator for theatre, opera, film and…
From past Festival

Camberwell Designs

Illustrations of beloved community buildings often in danger of being closed or lost as London develops and grows.

Campbell Cadey

Campbell Cadey are an architecture practice with a real passion for creating amazing and unique and joyful places for living.

Carol Stevenson

Carol will be showing her watercolours and a range of her colourful ceramics.

Caroline Wright

Caroline is showing a suite of small abstract paintings which concentrate on colour relationships within a geometric frame.
From past Festival

Carolyn Tripp

Functional and highly decorated ware as well as decorated tableware and mugs.
From past Festival

Casey Mollett

Casey is a textile designer and maker living and working in London whose screen printed works on fabric.
From past Festival

Catherine Macleod

Catherine makes small clay figures, often with binoculars and large feet. They sit easily on a shelf and peer out…

Catnap Design London

Luxury affordable illustrated plates, bowls & homeware (with added cats).
From past Festival


Hand woven and handtufted rugs designed and produced on a commission basis only.
From past Festival

Celia Goth

Celia is a photographer, printer, 3D worker, and uses all sorts of other materials and media in creative work.
From past Festival

Charlotte Whiston

Charlotte is a silkscreen printmaker often depicting architectural spaces using geometric abstraction.
From past Festival

Cheeky Hats

Cheeky Hats (Roberta Cucuzza) makes bold and playful hats for all genders. All designs are made from scratch and by…

Chisara Agor

Treading the lines between art and activism Chisara endeavours to have a conversation with the public as well as create…
From past Festival

Christophe Pointreau

Christophe produces a wide variety of work in form and style from wheel-thrown porcelain pieces to hand-built animals figures which…
From past Festival

Christopher Clack

Deals the inter-relationships of atheism and religion.
From past Festival

Claudette Forbes

Claudette is a Peckham-based ceramicist. She produces tableware as well as sculptural pieces.

Consuelo Radclyffe

She makes 3 dimensional sculptures in clay.
From past Festival

Covee Wang

Covee's current project, 'Journey', centres around the lives of young Muslim women in London and the struggles they encounter.
From past Festival

CP Ceramics

CP Ceramics makes fun, functional and unique dinnerware, using hand building techniques and bespoke drape forms.

CR2 Studios

CR2 Studios now hosts a creative community or photographers, film makers and performance artists.
From past Festival

Creativity Club (Dan Harder)

Dan is a graphic designer who works with a number of local organisations, including The Peckham Peculiar and Dulwich Diverter.
From past Festival

Cristina Mufer

Cristina Mufer is a graphic artist with extensive experience in the field of design and illustration.
From past Festival

Damian Arnold

I am an artist that likes to use found objects in my work.
From past Festival

Daniel Crawshaw

Daniel Crawshaw produces photorealist landscape paintings depicting remote mountain environments.
From past Festival

Daniela Terrazzini

Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini makes pantings and graphic/decorative images for books, packaging and occasionally newspapers/magazines.

David J East

Abstract expressionist paintings from Filmmaker and Photographer – David J East
From past Festival

Debbie Randall

Simple yet stylish wheel thrown in stoneware and porcelain.

Dick Graham

A collection of charcoal, conté, ink and watercolour life drawings.
From past Festival

Dido Hallett

Elegantly awkward figurative paintings executed with much indecision before the end is realised.
From past Festival

Digital Tapestry – Azarra Amoy

Commissioned by Southwark’s Cleaner Greener Safer Fund, artist Azarra Amoy was invited to interpret Peckham Platform’s creative workshop sessions.
From past Festival

Dirk Larsen (Studio Dirk)

People will be able to see a mixture of work that was stolen from Dirk some 23 years ago, that…
From past Festival

ECAD Gallery+Studio

An inspired exhibition featuring the majesty of the seas, lakes, waterfalls and the common element of water.
From past Festival

Eleanor Street

Eleanor is a visual artist whose work explores materiality, texture and light.
From past Festival

Eleanor Wemyss

Eleanor Wemyss uses a range of mediums to collaborate with different industries.
From past Festival

Elizabeth Lander

My work as an artist is based in the practice of Reportage Illustration, I use my art to present observed…
From past Festival

Ellamae Statham

South London-based Textiles Designer & Digital Print Artist
From past Festival

Elliot Fox

ALTERA presents a solo exhibition by artist Elliot Fox.
From past Festival

Emile Rafael

Emile Rafael is a multidisciplinary artist that works across painting, film and music. With his paintings, he studies abstract figurative…

Emily Frances Hodges

Emily will be exhibiting her guerilla art project to talk about the environment and inspire people to act and change…
From past Festival

Emma Evans (South London Saddles)

Emma is a leather artesian and specialist, designs practical accessories and products, from custom bike saddles to bags.
From past Festival

Emma Fenelon

Storytelling and mark-making are key to what drives Emma Fenelon's work.
From past Festival

Emma Roy-Chaudhuri

Coastal elements and textures have been used to produce a series of ‘sea forms’ and larger, more textured forms. Recent…

Essien & Emre

Luxury Knitwear...Being mindful whilst creating statement pieces to be kept and cherished, organic abstract knitted pattern enhanced with contemporary colour…

Ester Frouchtman

Photographer based in South London. She always creates his work around food, using it as a means of expression to…

Ester van Kempen (Ride With Wolves)

Ride with Wolves is an independent clothing company that specialises in cycling apparel.
From past Festival

Eunice de Pascali

Eunice, a Camberwell graduate, specialises in porcelain, making both representative and functional pieces.

False Summit

False Summit – For the Unknown. Clothes for the founders, the creators, the makers, the side hustlers, and the startuppers.
From past Festival

Fatima Duke-Pratt

Fatima is a multidisciplinary artist born and based in London who is currently focusing on figurative oil painting and printmaking.
From past Festival

Felix Harrison

Felix is a 10 year old designer/maker who creates 3D printed badges with a local theme…PECKHAM!
From past Festival


'Flock' is a vibrant edit of local and loved independent brands
From past Festival


Designers and makers for the entertainment and retail sectors.
From past Festival


Handmade African jewellery made with antique, tribal, natural African handcrafted materials.

Gail Bryson

Gail Bryson is a print and textile designer.
From past Festival

Gemma Cole

The paintings show dreamlike but familiar domestic scenes.
From past Festival

Georgie McAusland

An illustrator and printmaker based in London.
From past Festival

Georgina Corrie

Slab-built, low fired glazed ceramic constructions and wall pieces
From past Festival

Gill Day

Gill Day is a life long artist who has worked in commercial, fine art and educational fields. Her recent paintings…

Giulia Zaniol

Etchings, silk-screen prints, and mixed medial paintings.
From past Festival

Good Studio

A print-based, artist collective.
From past Festival


The traditional base of mead, is just honey and water – but Gosnells use traditional ingredients and methods to create…
From past Festival

Grizelda Kitching

Kitching’s practice primarily involves paper-based, process-led, printmaking.

Guy Allen

An accomplished print maker, Guy Allen presents this collection of original prints.
From past Festival

Gwen Ramsay

Gwen Ramsay's current work includes paintings and drawings which combine a variety of materials.
From past Festival

Hamley Jenkins

Hamley, Sketch Artist for Wilderness Festival for 5 years, is currently the artist in residence at Jazz Live at the…
From past Festival

Hannah Alton

Hannah Alton works primarily with drawing.
From past Festival

Hannah Bays

Recent work deals with the notion of 'Desire', combining a graphic 'world of signs' with an expressive painterly style.
From past Festival

Hannah Toehill

Freelance Illustrator interested in the human form and exploring the everyday through printmaking.
From past Festival

Helen Johannessen

Helen works with fine porcelain surface qualities and sculptural form.
From past Festival

Helen Minns

Helen Minns is an artist printmaker interested in contemporary approaches to abstraction.

Holly Berry

Holly Berry runs a thoughtful and contemporary hand-weaving workshop at the bottom of her beautiful garden in South-East London.

Ilga Leimanis

Ilga Leimanis is a Peckham-based visual artist, with an interest in collaboration.
From past Festival

Ines Fernandez de Cordova

Born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, Ines works as a printer for Jealous Print Studios and artist Anita…


Intoart is a collective of artists and designers working from their studio in Peckham Levels
From past Festival

Isabel Ford

Inspired by the vibrant, eclectic décor of her childhood home an echo of her father’s antique shop. Isabel’s designs reimagine…
From past Festival

Ivo Carew architecture

In his practice, Ivo Carew aims to achieve a simple and sensuous architecture.
From past Festival


The debut collection from izziizzi is a range of cushions and wheatpacks that evoke the textural splendour of artisanal rugs.…

Izzy Parker

Izzy is a material fanatic, who creates playful yet refined sets and environments for the lux fashion and hospitality sectors.…
From past Festival

J. Luccas

J. Luccas is a Visual Artist who dedicates his time exploring the conceptual value of the word "Joy"
From past Festival

Jacob Alexander Bespoke Cabinet Makers

Jacob Alexander are bespoke manufacturers specialising in kitchens, cabinet making, fitted and freestanding furniture.
From past Festival

Jaffar Aly

Spaghetti Doodles! A graffiti series of random faces!
From past Festival

James Barker

James Barker is an illustrator creating quirky collections inspired by natural history, nature and other curiosities, as well as design…

James Capper

James Capper is well known for his innovative sculptures.
From past Festival

Jan Bowman

Architect-trained professional artist and author, from Scotland via Canada. Pictures of democracy, gardens and cities.
From past Festival

Jane Muir

Jane's cermics are mainly based on the human figure.

Janet Johnson

Landscape paintings, featuring glaciers - ice caves and mountainous ranges of the alps in oil and watercolour.

JDP Ceramics

James's work encompasses his experience in the field of fashion design.
From past Festival

Jeremy Youngs

Jeremy will be showing Oil Paintings, Drawings, Animation Films and Giclee Prints. The work reflects his interest in the natural…

Jess Blandford

Jess studied painting at Camberwell and printmaking at the Royal College of Art. She is showing abstract paintings and repetitive…


Geraldine, founder of Jewelfish creates subtly detailed and intriguing pieces in precious metals to interpret her visual ideas.

Jhenelle White

Jhenelle works in video mostly, crossing over into other visual media. She uses abstraction in form to connect ideas of…
From past Festival

Jo Dennis

Jo Dennis is a multi disciplinary artist making imagery, objects and installations.
From past Festival

Joanna Brinton

Joanna is an artist specialising in participation, publications and print.
From past Festival

Joanna McCormick

Joanna works across different disciplines including painting in oils, watercolours and gouache.
From past Festival

Joanna Szwej-Hawkin

Joanna is presenting handbuilt and thrown pieces, both decorative and functional. She uses various decorating techniques including mono-print, decals, bespoke…

John Hinds

An established framing studio, John Hinds framing has over 18 years of experience.
From past Festival

John Whitfield

John has been searching for and photographing the abandoned wrecks that littered our shores. Using a panoramic camera he has…

John Yabrifa

An abstract look at an area John has lived in for over 30 years: Peckham and Camberwell.
From past Festival

Jonathan Haydock

Working in video, photography and print-based media.
From past Festival

Jonathan Lawes

Jonathan Lawes creates prints with a distinctly graphic edge, reflecting his love of geometry, shape, and pattern.

Joshua Parker

Joshua Parker works within a mixture of mediums focusing on ideas around utopian ideas.
From past Festival

Julia Gregory

Julia discovered a joy for Watercolour after first trying her hand during Lockdown. Expect some hand painted SE15 landmarks, wee…

Julia R. Gallego

Julia R. Gallego’s personal mythology draws from Japanese erotic prints and medieval iconography.
From past Festival

Julian Sharples

Julian Sharples, born 1966, graduated from Goldsmiths in 1996.
From past Festival

Julie Bennett

Julie Bennett will be opening the doors of her painter's studio showing several emotionally charged portrait paintings.
From past Festival

Just Trade

Just Trade specialises in beautifully designed, hand-made jewellery using silver, brass, tagua, ceramic and cotton.

Kat Flint

Kat Flint is a linocut printmaker with a distinctive graphic style, using bold lines and ingenious compositions to explore folklore,…

Kate Parkin

Printmaker and illustrator focusing on landscapes and aspects of urban life.
From past Festival

Kath Dare

Kath Dare jewellery is silver and gold timeless charming pieces that are handmade in her studio using traditional techniques.
From past Festival

Katrina Adams

Katrina Adams is a self-taught artist known for her vividly abstract two and three-dimensional artworks which feature geometric shapes and…
From past Festival


Visit the Kaymet factory near the Old Kent Road, where their classic anodised aluminium trays and trolleys are made.
From past Festival

Kennedy Woods Architecture

Kennedy Woods Architecture is an interdisciplinary creative design studio specialising in spatial projects across a range of scales.

Kirsten Jack & Philip Stewart

Kirsten's prints and photographs explore the blurred lines between nature and the city.
From past Festival


Beatrice K Newman is a fashion designer known for her design innovation, craftsmanship and incredibly detailed collections.
From past Festival

Kristy Noble

Kristy Noble is a Photographer specialising in Interiors and Still Life.
From past Festival

Kyra Mihailovic

Kyra’s ceramics and ceramic jewellery in high-fired stoneware and porcelain explore form, colour and pattern. Her relatively small scale works…

Laura Hemming-Lowe

Using performance, film and photography I document my reaction to my conflict with existence, commodity and gender.
From past Festival
From past Festival

Leisure Wine

Seriously low intervention wine with English grapes made on the Old Kent Road.
From past Festival

Lily Pearmain

Peckham-based ceramicist making minimalist functional and sculptural ceramics
From past Festival

Livesey Exchange / OKR Studios

Sixty vacant garages on the Ledbury Estate to be converted into spaces for workshops and cultural activities where people can…
From past Festival

London Stone Carving

A small multi-award winning team of highly skilled, experienced and qualified craftsmen.
From past Festival

London Terrariums

London Terrariums create hand made bottle gardens helping you to bring the outside into your home.

Loraine Rutt

An exhibition of new porcelain work.
From past Festival

Lou Smith

Lou's current work comprises jewellery and small-scale sculpture in silver and bronze inspired by natural forms.
From past Festival


We want to resurrect the relics of everyday life, recycling wonderful and once loved pieces to bring delight once again.
From past Festival

Lucia Fraser

Lucia Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in painting and ceramics.
From past Festival

Lucy Nunn

Lucy is a textile artist who works in mixed media fine art. She is now expanding into accessory design, including…

Lulu Ditzel

Lulu is a painter who creates brightly-coloured landscapes both as acrylic on canvas and as digital prints. Her images are…

Maciek Malinowski

Maciek is a photographer whose main area of interest is nature and its undiscovered colors and shapes.

Maddux Creative

Founding partners Scott Maddux and Jo leGleud are the driving force behind Maddux Creative.
From past Festival

Malathie De Silva

Malathie carves by hand in wood and stone as well as modelling in ceramic and mixed media.
From past Festival

Margarita Lorenzo (Chocolate Creative)

Chocolate Creative is a boutique brand that offers unique handmade homewares and accessories focused on sustainable products made in the…
From past Festival

Mark Frost

An eclectic mix of mid-century modern furniture.
From past Festival

Mark Pearson

A contemporary figurative painter; the key elements in his pictures are light, space and movement.

Mark Petty

Specialising in hand-pulled screen prints exploring the techniques, gold-leafing process and gold gilding.
From past Festival

Martin Smith

Martin makes bags, belts, purses etc from a number of new and upcycled materials, leather, canvas and denim.

Matteo Bianchi Studio

Matteo Bianchi Studio is an international Interior Design Studio and a new addition to Peckham.
From past Festival

Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy

Mattia's practice is inspired predominantly by the everyday world and the human condition.
From past Festival

Melanie Carvalho

Melanie Carvalho works mainly with painting, film and collage.
From past Festival

Michelle Baharier

An acclaimed multidisciplinary socially engaged visual artist based in London. Her oeuvre is intuitive, exploring elements of her own emotional…

Naomi Avsec

Naomi Avsec paints, collages and makes installations out of everyday objects.
From past Festival

Nestor Pestana

Nestor Pestana is an artist, researcher and educator that uses worldbuilding and storytelling to imagine worlds that challenge our own.
From past Festival

Neville Gabie

Artist Neville Gabie Experiments in Black and White Performance & Exhibition
From past Festival

Nicholas Cobb

Varied artwork with a focus on environmental degradation and rewilding.
From past Festival

Nicola Reid

Nicola Reid is a London based artist and designer, creating sculpture, paintings, high-end fashion and festival attire.
From past Festival

Nikta Mohammadi

Nikta works across multiple disciplines such as writing, and visual arts. She draws inspiration from her Iranian background and combines…
From past Festival

Nina Baxter

Nina Baxter is a London based artist whose work explores themes of escapism, the beauty of nature and communication in…
From past Festival

Odette Selva

Odette presents new statement pieces to her existing line of work. Each piece is carefully hand crafted with attention to…

Oliver Snelling

Oliver is a sculptor and letterer, currently studying carving at City and Guilds of London Art School.
From past Festival

Pangea Arts

Pangea Arts are a street art duo, their work is inspired by ancient mark-making and forms of calligraphy from across…
From past Festival

Pangea Arts

A collection of work by ancient mark-marking and forms of calligraphy.
From past Festival

Paul Wye

Through his sculptures Paul hopes to create artefacts from a new, imagined culture and drawing influence from outsider art to…
From past Festival

Peckham Craft Weekend

Peckham Craft Weekend is an annual celebration of Contemporary Craft.
From past Festival

Peckham Soul

The UK’s most diverse postcode, Peckham Soul explores the creative energy of diversity.
From past Festival


Showcasing ‘United State of Peckham’ brand merchandise including cushion covers, cups, t-shirts and tote bags.
From past Festival

Peter The Roman

Lots of bloated heads melting, floating limbs and general strangeness.
From past Festival

Phil Polglaze

One Hundred Heads. Renowned local photographer Phil Polglaze shows photographs taken between 26th January and 23rd March 2019 of people…
From past Festival

Pipkin & Co

Scented soy candles with a Nordic Twist.
From past Festival

Poulsom Middlehurst

Poulsom Middlehurst is a creative design studio based in Peckham, founded by architects Amy Poulsom and Jane Middlehurst.
From past Festival

Quilting Mafia

Quilting Mafia is a multidisciplinary artist who's current collection explores identity and how identities are used to manipulate the individual,…


Extensive experience of handling, mounting and framing fine art in a range of media, from canvases and works on paper.
From past Festival

Rebecca Ackroyd

Ackroyd’s work toys with the discipline of sculpture, as processes are dissected to their bare bones in a diverse language…
From past Festival

Red, Rolled & Seen Photography Collective

Red Rolled & Seen is a social documentary community photography collective based in Peckham.
From past Festival

Richard Starbuck

Mixed media artist, using digital, painting and sculpture, Interested in the strange and uncanny.
From past Festival


Roads2Joya specialise in traditional and modern upholstery.
From past Festival

Roberto Ekholm

Roberto's work includes performances, sculpture and photography drawing on our present ideas about identity through discourses of medicine and the…
From past Festival

Ros Badger & Kate Owen (Beggars’ Velvet)

Beggars’ Velvet create a collection of modern homewares which playfully engage with the onerous tasks of everyday life.
From past Festival

Rosa Nguyen

Rosa Nguyen works across art, craft and design.
From past Festival

Row X Row

A knitwear brand inspired by 1990's streamlined silhouettes, and with a love for simplicity and colour.
From past Festival

Roz Edenbrow

Roz considers abstract patterns in nature, serendipitous mark making.

Rumble Cards

A London-based greetings cards company that creates quirky designs which focus primarily on modern celebrity and media culture.

Ruth Fraser

Ruth specialises in portraits, landscapes and merchandising with her creations being seen on cards, t-shirts ,mugs and tote bags.

Rye Here Rye Now

Rye Here Rye Now is a Peckham-based monthly meet up, building a community to bring together graphic designers, illustrators, design…
From past Festival

Sage Flowers

Peckham floral studio SAGE Flowers garner their inspiration from a wide array of art and design. They invite you into…
From past Festival

Sanchia Lewis

Sanchia’s oil paintings and prints reflect an interest in naive and folk art. Her of birds, animals and mythical creatures…

Sara Brouwer

Sara Brouwer creates a realm of playful critters, spooky pots and ceramic creatures.
From past Festival

Sara Carlyle

Sara Carlyle is a Video Artist based in South London. Her work focuses on short films which combine art, fashion…

Sarah Boyd

3printers: Sarah’s large scale multi-coloured woodcuts are layered in un-precise grids, incorporating dreamlike sea & sky-scape visions in response to…

Sarah Capel

Sarah will be exhibiting a selection of wood cut and lino prints which are a response to her research into…

Sarah Greig

3printers: Sarah has taken inspiration from the textures and shapes she sees in the urban landscape. Creating a personal diary…

Serena Katt

Serena Katt is an illustrator and artist, working with narrative illustration, pencil drawing and collage.
From past Festival

Shade Abdul Architecture

Shade Abdul Architecture specialises in residential projects for private homeowners and property developers.
From past Festival

Sharon Rodney

3printers: Chance, repetition and process are Sharon's mainstays in printmaking. Earlier this year, she rediscovered a pair of beautiful seed…

Shirin Ovissi

Shirin Ovissi creates bold dynamic and intricately layered abstract paintings that inspire hope and happiness.


"Neurotectonics" New digital artworks for print by Shiv Grewal.
From past Festival

Signet Bling

Signet Bling is a new Peckham based jewellery brand.
From past Festival

Simon Lawson

Simon Lawson is an artist responding to the ever-changing urban landscape and the proprietor of Simon Lawson Prints, a fully…

Simon Short

Colour photography, using medium format film and printed myself in darkrooms in Brixton.
From past Festival

Snuffles and Spud

Snuffles and Spud make super bright, colourful and unisex baby clothing in stark contrast to the usual pink and blue.
From past Festival


Sonsoles Print Studio is a fully equipped Open Access screen print studio situated in a friendly warehouse 5 min away…
From past Festival


These series of screen prints shout out: We are HERE. We are IN PECKHAM.
From past Festival

Space Studios

Don't miss this great opportunity to see the diverse work of leading contemporary artists in London.
From past Festival

Stefania Boiano

London-based artist and art coach Stefania Boiano bases her abstract work on the sensory interpretations of the world that surrounds…
From past Festival

Stuart Road Allotment Society Creatives

Come and visit the allotment Society Hut where artists and creatives who are also allotmenteers will be exhibiting a range…

Studio Makecreate

Studio Makecreate is a multidisciplinary design and manufacturing company.
From past Festival

Sturdy Creations

Inspired by nature and contrasting textures and colours, Susan creates eye-catching, tactile jewellery from black and white porcelain, as well…

Susie Q Newbigging

Susie Q Newbigging makes ceramics and designs accessories, drawing on the inky blues and indigo textile traditions which she grew…

Suzanne Baker

I have focused on making images of urban life in the most recent past.
From past Festival

Sym Hue

Sym Hue is a visual artist that specializes in acrylic paint and has a passion for painting images that depict…

Tamara Goutas & Ben Wegert

Experiments with the concept of natural transformation
From past Festival

Taya The Label

TAYA The Label is an ethical fashion accessories brand with an emphasis on unique print design and luxuriously silky sustainable…
From past Festival

Terence Harrison

"Terry, being an avid skateboarder & sustainablist, wanted to see if a skateboard could very simply become something else "
From past Festival

The Arches Studios

A hidden creative oasis tucked into the brickwork of Peckham Rye railway.
From past Festival

The Fandangoe Kid

A multidisciplinary artist, who makes work predominantly for the public realm.

The Framing Room

The Framing Room is an independent picture framers offering bespoke framing for all types of artwork and objects.
From past Festival

The Galleria

About 20 artists, working in a variety of media, will be opening up their studios. You can see mini-shows, installations…
From past Festival

The Hoochie Trunk

The hoochie trunk, use recycling fabrics to make new clothes with a vintage vibe.
From past Festival

The Letter Bug

Letter Bug Studios creates highly detailed hand painted letter illustrations for people.
From past Festival

The Nunhead Framer

A collaboration with conceptual artist Laura Hepworth and The Nunhead Framer, showcasing Laura's new work 'Golden Hour' with unique bespoke…

The Pattern Guild

A Peckham based design studio creating screen printed products with bold geometric patterns.
From past Festival

Tim Stevenson

Britain's Best Woodworker contestant Tim will be displaying his quirky automata.

Tom Leighton

Over the last 18 months, Photographer Tom Leighton has been working on two very distinct, yet connected projects.
From past Festival

Trisha Needham

Trisha trained at the RCA London, she designs, prints and makes her work locally. she will be showing her popular…

Two & 1/2 Dimensions

Interior ceramics studio specialising in handcut tiles.
From past Festival

Uorenzo Johnson

UJ Trends offers T shirts, vests and bags which are more individualised than that of other small scale suppliers. UJ…
From past Festival


At We-Resonate we make one-off, pattern-full pieces, sustainably in South London.
From past Festival


The Weavers❘Nest is a Textiles Lab housing a George Wood Dobby Loom.
From past Festival

WG Studios

Formed by two craftsmen, both not satisfied exclusively making the usual traditional style kitchens and furniture. Beautiful pieces of fitted…

Willem Samuel

Samuel's work is an eclectic mix of pop and traditional art.
From past Festival

Yellow Kite Architects

Yellow Kite Architects is an architectural practice that aspires to create comfortable, warm spaces that people want to spend time…

Zoe Rafah

A portrait artist who paints oil portraits. Also specialising in wedding portraiture.