St Joan/Greta Theatre Performance

Amanda Douge

A ground-breaking theatre production created by Writer/Director, Amanda Douge, challenges audiences to consider global inaction on climate change through the passion of two of history’s youngest female heroines – bringing together Greta Thunberg and Joan of Arc as a single powerful voice.

This production is a re-telling of the story of Joan of Arc that blends the words and themes of Greta Thunberg into the dialogue and action. It is performed by an ensemble of children and teenagers for an adult and teenage audience, for the future to fight for, the one that needs our urgent attention, is theirs.

Staged in the beautiful Asylum Space Peckham, accompanied by a solo violinist and with video projection, St.Joan/Greta is a theatrical experience not to be missed!

This text was written to be performed by children aged 11-16, for both an adult and teenage audience, as the future to fight for, is theirs. Recommended for adults and children 10+

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