“The Art of Protest” with Momtaza Mehri

Join Bold Tendencies for a special large-scale workshop to celebrate the final day of their 2022 summer season.

Working with Somali-British poet and 2018 Young People’s Laureate of London, Momtaza Mehri, “The Art of Protest” will include poetry and flag-making workshops and explore the history of protests, asking why we protest and what changes they have made.

The session will end with a display at Copleston alongside Momtaza’s own large-scale poetry work, “Towards a Quantifiable Measure of Longing”, as well as an optional guided tour of Bold Tendencies. The workshops are drop-in sessions and open to all, however spaces are limited. A number of family-friendly art tours and self-led activity packs will also be available at Bold Tendencies throughout the day.