Peckham Vision Walk

Peckham Vision

Join Eileen Conn, co-founder and coordinator of Peckham Vision, on a tour of the sites and the buildings that have been part of the community campaign since the threat discovered in 2005 to demolish Copeland Park, the Bussey Building and more, for a high security tram depot.

The tour will start at Copeland Gallery, and visit the sites and buildings in the central Rye Lane area that have all been threatened with demolition, not all yet secure. These include Copeland Park, the Bussey Building, Peckham’s rooftop view, the station Old Waiting Room, Blenheim Arches Studios, Dovedale Court, Peckham Liberal Club, Peckham Multi Storey.

The tour will recall the old history of the buildings and the more recent history of the community work in publicising their potential for creative re-use.