Nerdeo Talk and Film-making workshop


Learn how to make a low-budget collaborative short film with Nerdeo! Your film could win a screening at next year’s Festival and a year’s membership to Nerdeo. All you need to bring is a charged video phone, some enthusiasm and your imagination! The workshop is free, but places are limited to 15, so arrive early.

Note: This workshop is for people who are 16 years+.

This is a workshop about making a real film that captures the essence of Peckham Festival. The workshop will happen in two parts, the first part being a seminar about low-budget film-making techniques in a second “practical” part where the group will go out and actually film the festival in action. After the workshop, all of the video will be uploaded to Nerdeo so that those who want to can edit their own 3.5 minute film and enter it into our competition. The winning film will be posted online and screened at next year’s festival opening and the winner will receive a year’s free subscription to Nerdeo.

The workshop is run by Caroline Pires from Nerdeo.

Workshop Part 1 – How to make a low budget film on little or no money

  • A brief introduction to the low-budget indie film scene and its success stories.
  • Idea and script breakdown for the Peckham Festival brief.
  • Crewing up for pre-production and post-production. Who do you need and when do you need them?
  • Where can you find people to collaborate with? The use of Nerdeo and joining the collaborative film-making community.
  • Do you have a budget? Small budget versus no budget. What can you offer people in return?
  • Tech! What do you have at your disposal? Working with what you’ve got or with what your crew already already has.
  • Managing your team and your schedule.

Workshop Part Two – Collaboratively filming Peckham Festival

  • The session will start with a group discussion on guidelines for shooting and where to get the best shots and soundbites.
  • After deciding a plan, the group will go out and about to film the Peckham Festival in action.
  • Returning to the workshop space, footage will be uploaded to Google Drive and Nerdeo.
  • People interested in making a film from this footage after the workshop can then join the Capture Peckham Festival collaborative project on Nerdeo, where all the footage sound and music will be organised.
  • Anyone from the workshop can then have a go at creating a 3.5 minute film about the festival, which they can enter into our competition. The winning film will be uploaded to our website, with a screening at next year’s festival opening. The film-maker will also win a year’s membership to Nerdeo.
  • Deadline for submissions to the competition will be 30 November and we will announce the winner in January 2017.

What People Need To Bring To The Workshop:

  • Charged phones with video recording capability or any digital camera you have (required)
  • Any mobile sound recording equipment they might have (optional)

To see Nerdeo in action, watch their explainer video below or see their FAQ, and don’t forget to drop by their stand during Reclaimed Rye @ Copeland Park on Saturday 10th.