Where is Peckham Going?

Peckham Vision

What do you want your future Peckham to be?

In this workshop, we will explore with Eileen Conn how the area is changing and the positive and negative aspects of this, and if and how local people can have a role in what happens.

The discussion will look at the variety of aspects involved: The night life in Rye Lane has dramatically increased. Copeland Park is transforming into the cultural hub we foresaw 10 years ago. Other large sites nearby are organically transforming in similar directions. Arts and cultural enterprises are flourishing all over Peckham. New kinds of refreshment places are opening. Who are they all for? The town centre is awash with planning applications for new developments. House prices and rent levels for residents and small businesses are rocketing beyond the reach of most people. Why is this and what can be done about it? What role can people living and working in Peckham have in shaping these developments? What do local people think about all these changes? Are there varying views?

This workshop is a chance to reflect on these matters and take stock in the context of the 4 days of the Peckham Festival celebrating some of the changes and achievements.