Documentary Cinema

Alberto Campora

DOC:Supper’s film season starts at the Peckham Festival with documentary screenings at the Montpelier dedicated to creating conversations around important social issues. Screenings will be followed by debates and Q&A. DOC:Supper is a media project, born in Peckham, to bring communities together around meaningful documentary screenings, debates and food. We connect filmmakers, storytellers and field experts with community venues to stimulate social change and greater empathy.


2.00 pm – “The Divide” – Screening + Talk
The Divide tells the story of 7 individuals striving for a better life in the modern day US and UK – where the top 0.1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%. By plotting these tales together, we uncover how virtually every aspect of our lives is controlled by one factor: the size of the gap between rich and poor.

By weaving these stories with news archive from 1979 to the present day, The Divide creates a lyrical, psychological and tragi-comic picture of how economic division creates social division. The film is inspired by the critically-acclaimed, best-selling book “The Spirit Level” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.

4.00 pm – “We are Many” – Screening + Q&A with Director Amir Amirani
We Are Many tells the story behind and legacy of the largest protest in history, on 15 February 2003, when close to 30 million people in nearly 800 cities around the world demonstrated against the Iraq War. Produced and directed by Amir Amirani, this film that has been 9 years in the making has recently been acquired by Universal Pictures for international distribution.

Described by The Guardian as “the one to watch doc by the new Michael Moore on the block”, and by the Huffington Post as “the only film I have ever watched where the audience started clapping half-way through, the screening of this critically acclaimed film will be followed by a Q&A with the director.