Deadline: Show Us Your S**t

Two Pale Ladies

Clem and Lucy are Two Pale Ladies, and they’re hosting a night of theatrical and musical jollities. And it’s called DEADLINE: Show Us Your Shit.

DEADLINE is a night of scratch performance. Scratch is material that has yet to be performed at all. It’s new, fresh off the press, straight out of the oven, just born, brand spanking new original material. Be it prose, be it poetry, be it comedy, dance, theatre, live art, cabaret, be it a bloody anti-communist diatribe set inside of a shower.

This episode of DEADLINE is coming to The NINES on September 14th. Two Pale Ladies don’t know what to expect. But they’ll be there, delivering the foetal performances as the reliable midwives that they are. Cheering on the performers and making sure the audience gets suitably merry.
See you there!