Mariam a singer/songwriter and guitarist hailing from South London, combines her sweet vocals which has been described as ‘atmospheric soul’ to fill your earlobes with a blend of pop, soul, folk and alternative music, with thought provoking lyrics that will get you thinking and bopping your head.

A self-professed story teller, an ability she credits to her Nigerian heritage, although she was born and raised in London, she has grown up in strong roots and culture. She states “Nigerians are natural story tellers, it is an art that is passed down and learned within the family and community, hearing stories has been a prominent fixture in my life, just as strong as music, I’ve grown up to a wonderful blend of deep drums and rhythmic melodies along with words that paint pictures, something I’ve learnt from my mother, and what I incorporate into my songs as a tribute to my heritage, its what really made me want to sing, I started writing stories and writing poetry and found music was such a powerful way to tell stories and relate to others, and I love how words come together to paint pictures”.

Part of the Live at Copeland Park event.

Live at Copeland Park

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