Revolution! Why bother?

Multidisciplinary artist and print designer Sara Abdalla works with type, relief printing and collage to communicate the narrative.

Her work is social and political which aims to start dialogue and encourage critical thinking to bring different people’s together, ideas and unite cultures.

She creates Graffiti Walls where people come throughout the day to leave a message on and illustrate their ideas for a better world. These recordings will be compiled to document the thoughts, ideas and questions about the world in 2018. It is a social space that evokes discourse amongst the community and gather their responses to better understand the importance of recorded and documented historical evidence.

It is a participatory workshop and exhibition which let’s the reader take the active position of producer giving people agency to become co creators.

The Graffiti Wall is inclusive it transcends gender, race, age, class, religion. The aim is to break down walls and barriers in society. There has been a positive response with people feeling happy to find a creative space to express their ideas and engage with different people outside their networks.

A social activist she founded Creative Visionaries studio in 2010 which aims to bring artistic creative community engagement and participation to people in the most deprived communities.