Sonic Journal Workshop: Sian Hutchings & The Noematic Collective

Siân Lyn Hutchings & The Noematic Collective present their Sonic Journal Workshop, a unique session tailored toward the Bold Tendencies Sonic Journal Library. The Library hosts a permanent collection of sounds recorded onto cassette tapes installed within the Straw Auditorium.

This workshop consists of ‘ear cleaning’ exercises first developed by R. Murray Schafer to re-engage the ears through a process of active listening. Taking as its impetus that our brain only retains 20% of what it hears a day— what about the other 80%?

Participants are encouraged to think about dormant, active and extinct sounds as a way of categorising their environment. They will then make their own sonic journal for the day through drawings, writings and recordings. It does not matter how they choose to document their choice of sound, what is important is a focus on an active listening process.

The outcome of the workshop is to teach participants the difference between active listening and hearing. To open their ears to the wealth of sounds and information around them, and to re-engage their sense of listening alongside visual perception.

This workshop will be held in response to the larger project title of Siân Lyn Hutchings and The Noematic Collective’s Bold Tendencies 2018 commission: ‘The Dominant Eye’.