Dance for Refuge

Dance for Refuge grew out of necessity in 2015. A group of South London promoters, DJ’s and artists came together to raise money, awareness and hope for those stuck in the “jungle” in Calais. For their first event, on a Sunday at CLF Art Cafe, they were joined by the likes of Leon Vynehall, Christian Piers, K15, Alexander Nut and many more.

Over the three years since, Dance for Refuge have been lucky enough to be joined by artists such as Mall Grab, Auntie Flo, Mafalda, Dark Sky, Shy One, Peach and many, many more… Along the way, they’ve raised over £24,000 for charities like The Worldwide Tribe, War Child UK and Help Refugees.

To find out more information about Dance for Refuge and the causes they support, head to any of their socials – @danceforrefug