Holdrons Food Yard

From Caribbean to Afro fusion to vegan, we’re joined across the 3 days by some of SE London’s best loved food traders.

Street food is an experience for everyone – whether you’re adventurous or the picky eater, on the go or have time to linger and it requires no reservation or dress code. Plus eating alfresco is social, cheerful and definitely celebratory, with no cut backs on deliciousness. Come see what’s on the menu.


Participating Traders

Agua Na Boca

Mouthwatering Brazilian delicacies

Cally Munchy

Fusing African food with other cultures around the world.


Neopolitan style wood fired pizza
From past Festival

Pineapple Xpress

Afro-fusion menu blending elements from different countries, nationalities and cultures.
From past Festival

Proper Jerk Burgers

Everything jerk - from sauce to burgers.
From past Festival

Tribeca Deli

Tribeca Deli specialises in New York Deli favourites.
From past Festival