Reflecting Peckham II – Mark Pearson

Peckham Festival

Mark is a figurative painter who specialises in the urban landscape. For the past decade or so he has concentrated on London and in particular Peckham, portraying the people, places, and the massive changes that continue to affect those who live and work here. Having first shown his work on this subject in ‘Reflecting Peckham’ 2016, he is delighted to be part of the exhibition again this year.

New for this exhibition Mark is showcasing large works on recycled cardboard. Having previously produced small studies in this medium he has now scaled this up. In this original way of working the cardboard is first treated with a stabiliser, then the architecture or urban landscape is drawn in with precision before paint is applied. The paintings still have his signature elements of light, space & movement but within a more structured environment for the figures to be in.