Reflecting Peckham II – Sani Sani

Peckham Festival

An interdisciplinary artist who’s artworks is inspired by his Nigerian heritage, London, the human condition, exploring the subconscious, the optics of the eyes from an artistic point of view, colours and form why and how they trigger feelings in humans.

Sani also aims to achieve one of 3 things with every artwork, first to teach the viewer about themselves, to teach the viewer about himself and finally to theoretically push the right brain of the viewer to be more creative.

Sani born in Peckham London to Nigerian parents and move to Nigeria at the age of 6 where he lived till the age of 15.

In his 2018 solo exhibition called identity, Sani expressed how having Nigerian parents but being British puts him in a very fortunate position and this is what created the formula, to his subject matter, process and style of expression.