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Peckham Town Centre Carpark
95A Rye Lane
SE15 4TG

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Community Hub

Pop along to our Community Hub and get involved in a range of activities. All workshops are free.
Fri 16 Sep 11:00-18:00
Sat 17 Sep 11:00-18:00
Sun 18 Sep 11:00-18:00

Eat Yourself Happy

Food is the key to healing, the key to taking control.
Fri 16 Sep 14:00-15:00
Sat 17 Sep 14:00-15:00
Sun 18 Sep 14:00-15:00

Hot Desque Art Workshop

Join us for a free workshop building a collaborative artwork imagining the future of community gardens.
Sat 17 Sep 12:00-13:00

How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

What did it feel like when you last woke up after having had a good sleep? This workshop is for…
Sat 17 Sep 12:00-12:45

How to Have a Healthy Gut

Explore your gut healt and learn about the elimination plan, gut friendly foods, and how to reduce stress
Sun 18 Sep 12:00-12:45

Pecan Community Project

Come along to Pecan's community activity to share ideas, talk and draw!
Sat 17 Sep 14:00-16:00

Poetry/Art Workshop

Life lessons, poetry, arts n crafts all in one FREE workshop.
Sat 17 Sep 16:00-17:00

St.Joan/Greta Theatre Workshop

An inspiring, fun theatre workshop by the writer/director of St.Joan/Greta, Amanda Douge.
Sun 18 Sep 12:00-13:30

Taste of Southern Africa Mbira Workshop

Learn to play a song from southern Africa on the mbira nyunga nyunga of Zimbabwe.
Sat 17 Sep 15:00-16:00

Why Diets Don’t Often Work

Dive deep into eating behaviours, foundations of nutrition, and creating a supportive environment.
Fri 16 Sep 18:00-18:45

Artists at Peckham Levels

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  • Jewellery/silversmithing
  • Printmaking

3rd Rail Print Space

Screen Print or heat transfer designs onto your own T-shirt
16 Sep
17 Sep
18 Sep
24 Sep
25 Sep


Geraldine, founder of Jewelfish creates subtly detailed and intriguing pieces in precious metals to interpret her visual ideas.
17 Sep
18 Sep
24 Sep
25 Sep