Travelling to her parents beautiful home island of Jamaica for the first time as a child, Dawn, Guarapo’s founder, was introduced to sugar cane. It was not an unfamiliar sight to see local street vendors and their hatchet-like knives theatrically peeling tall stalks of sugarcane and “chopping it up” in front of customers before being presenting with a clear bag filled with several yellow/white glistening stalks of cane. The stalks were then chewed on to release the sweet sap leaving just the fibrous remains to be disposed of.

Next stop for Dawn was Cuba, where she was introduced to cane stalks being pressed with a stainless steel device to produce “Guarapo”, aka cane juice. Dawn, with her sugarcane bar and electric cane press, is now bringing freshly pressed Guarapo to the streets of London, poured over ice with a squeeze of lime. Delicious!