Kanpai London

The name Kanpai was inspired by our first trip to Japan. Tucked into a 5-person standing bar in Kyoto, a bowtie wearing barman taught us the simplest way to say cheers in Japanese is “kanpai!”

It literally means “dry your cup”. So we did. A lot.

And so our love for sake began.

Far from the memories of a harsh warm liquid served at the end of a big noodle meal, Japan opened our eyes to real, quality sake. It’s such a versatile, clean, and unique drink.

Ever since, we have spent time sampling, experimenting, and producing many different styles and varieties of sake.

We believe we have successfully honed our techniques and developed our own unique style. We’re driven to produce the best small batch, craft sake possible so our fellow Londoners can fall in love too.

Kanpai is the first sake to be produced in London. We can’t wait to dry many cups with you.