Cally Munchy

Our Story begins in South East London where the food and the people are both plenty and diverse. A young man wanted to share his West African roots with the world and decided the best way to do this was to combine the known with the unknown and create curiosity.

So with the name that rolls (well, it’s more a leap isn’t it?) of the tongue Cally Munchy was born to create cultural world peace and unify the masses through food in all its goodness. Starting at small events and community sessions, then to weddings and beyond, the journey has been long and we’ve only just begun. We struggle through to understand the different cultures we meet and always look to find the middle ground and common links to bring new, exciting, and flavour filled festivals to the taste buds of London and beyond.

Basically that was just a long way of saying we fuse tastes and cultures to create the best food you’ve ever tasted. We are Cally Munchy, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Please tell us about yourself, let us know your favourite dish native to you, and how you like it.